Education Management

Education Management

Our educational activity seeks to enhance the skills of each student as much as possible by acquiring knowledge, developing skills, promoting values and exercising human virtues while emphasizing industriousness, sincerity, generosity and cheerfulness. With these tools the student will be prepared to:

  • Design a personal life project and pursue it with confidence, dignity, responsibility and freedom.
  • Develop friendship and solidarity, promoting cordial and fraternal coexistence in the educational, family, professional and social areas.

We provide education in 3 levels:

  • PreSchool: Nursery (3 years old), pre-kindergarten (4 years old) and kindergarten (5 years old) for boys and girls.
  • Primary and secondary for girls.

This educational task requires:

  • Parents: To fulfill their mission of being the first and foremost educators of their children, having a living presence in the school.
  • Academic and administrative staff: To impart their dedication and professional expertise.
  • Students: To be determined in study and participate in the activities with joy.

 The spiritual formation of students is entrusted to the Prelature of Opus Dei.

We seek to enhance the skills of each student as much as possible.