Admission Process*

Admission Process*

Initial Interview
The parents or guardians of the applicants who want to learn more about our educational proposal can request an appointment with the person responsible for Admissions: Mrs. Monica Marmol (, at the following numbers: 435 – 9223/ 435-9224, ext. 143.

Submission of the Admission Application
Within the time limit established, which is promptly communicated through our website. To download the Application form, click here.

Assistance to the Briefing
It is important that parents learn about the Educational Project of the School. Therefore, briefings that present the project in detail are held.

Interview with School Board
The interview will be held with both parents on the date and time scheduled. The attendance of both parents is mandatory.

Record Assessment
The Admissions Committee will assess the applications that meet the requirements, giving priority to the following criteria:
a) Being a younger sister, daughter of former student or daughter of COFAM workers.
b) Having references from School families. To download the Recommendation letter form, click here.

The admission of the applicant is subject to the number of vacancies available. In the event that the number of applicants who meet all the above mentioned criteria exceeds the number of vacancies offered, the applications will be placed on a waiting list.

They will be given to the parents or guardians of the applicant by telephone or email.

Acceptance of Vacancy Reservation
To give the vacancy separation effect, parents or guardians must submit, within no more than seven (7) days:
– Copy of the payment voucher of the admission fee.
– Educative agreement signed by both parents.
– All the original documents requested in the registration stage, except for the ID Card.
– 6 ID-card-size color photos of the applicant.

Enrollment Information
It will be sent to parents via email.
Our school does not take assessment tests to girls applying to Kindergarten and First Grade.

*In the case of students with special educational needs, each particular case will be evaluated.