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In Salcantay, we encourage the spirit of service in students from their early years.

Creativity, Action and Service is a work project oriented to developing service to society. Social work activities are a mean of formation for students that allow them to help others by carrying out works of service.

Two CAS projects are conducted throughout the year. Among these, we have projects aimed to help the most needy, visits to hospitals and nursing homes, etc.

Proyecto Hogar

As part of the CAS Project of 10th graders, we work together with Proyecto Hogar, a nonprofit organization engaged in the construction of houses for families in extreme poverty in the southern area of Lima (Cañete).

The purpose is to promote solidarity among our students and to increase their love for Peru by raising their awareness of the reality around us. In this way, there will be more citizens who are committed to those most in need.

The project has two stages: Preparation and action. 10th Grade students are responsible for the preparation stage. They plan and implement the different activities to raise funds, such as the “wear a jean” day, funds collecting boxes, sale of kiosk products, storytelling, film screening and the donation of 50% of the sales of their Business Workshop products.

The action stage consists on the construction of the houses, which is conducted in a weekend in November. Students demonstrate in situ their generosity and commitment to the people in most need.

A work project oriented to develop at school a service in favor of society.