Musical Education

Musical Education

Salcantay seeks to motivate its students in musical practice by providing them with theoretical foundations and introducing them to music, instrumental and vocal appreciation. Music has a very important role in the school, as it fosters the development of sensitivity, discipline, memory and concentration.

Music Classes
In their first years, students take introductory classes on basic musical skills through the practice of minor percussion instruments and flute. From 4th grade, students play a musical instrument, among violin, flute or guitar, with the aim of developing their instrumental practice.

Salcantay Ensemble and Chorus
The students who demonstrate more skills in singing and playing musical instruments are invited to join the school Ensemble and Chorus in order to represent Salcantay in the different internal and external presentations such as: The Festival of Contemporary Music (ERART), ADECOPA, interschool events, festivals, etc.

After School Artistic Workshops
The music department offers after school workshops Monday through Thursday for all students who wish to take advantage of the benefits of music. The following workshops are open:

  • Violin
  • Guitar
  • Flute
  • Keyboards
  • Percussion
  • Primary Chorus

Salcantay busca motivar a las alumnas en la práctica musical.