Sports Promotion

Sports Promotion

We find that the practice of sport activities are an educational mean that helps the student set goals in her personal life project. In this space, Salcantay students have the opportunity to keep sharing and acquiring habits of coexistence, tolerance, respect. Along with habits that promote good health and a better quality of life sports foment a sense of endurance and perseverance.

We are members of ADECOPA (Asociación de Colegios Particulares Amigos – Association of Fellow Private Schools), which allows teams of different disciplines and categories to compete in a healthy manner.

Salcantay has the following competitive teams: Volleyball, basketball and gymnastics.

  • Volleyball Workshop:

This workshop seeks to work on the physical power of arms and legs, resistance and speed in movements, in addition to flexibility and joint movement. The purpose of these activities is to develop in students their capacity to combine movements, balance and reaction in a volleyball game.

  • Aerobics Workshop:

Aerobics classes consist of exercises and continuous movements that contribute to improve physical resistance. These classes can be combined with dance routines or routines of aerobic exercises.

  • Athletics Workshop:

It develops basic motor skills such as agility, speed, resistance, jumping and throwing. This sport arises from the effort as well as from the physical and mental capacity of the student, helping her to exceed personal bests.

  • Gymnastics Workshop:

This workshop is intended to develop basic motor skills, coordination, flexibility and technique by acquiring a specific preparation for the different apparatus of artistic gymnastics.

  • Ballet Workshop:

This workshop helps in the improvement of flat feet, psychomotor coordination, posture and reverse feet. It favors concentration and reinforces the habits needed to achieve a goal.

Salcantay has the following competitive teams: Volleyball, basketball and gymnastics.