Human Education

Human Education

At Salcantay, the education enables students to achieve a high academic level while cultivating a genuine concern to seek and love the truth, with an open spirit and a critical sense.

Students learn to exercise their personal freedom and responsibility by avoiding the imposition of principles via the acquisition of habits with will ultimately propel their own life project.

The objectives of the orientation program are

  • To promote the personal growth of the student, who learns, thinks, feels, decides and acts.
  • To encourage the sense of self-respect and respect for others through cooperative behavior with their partners and family.
  • To support the ability to put herself in the place of others.
  • To achieve an appropriate moral reasoning.
  • To cultivate kindness and love for truth and sincerity.
  • To foster responsibility, fellowship and friendship.
  • To develop a sense of justice and generosity.

The Education Program on Virtues and Values is worked jointly at school and at home, between parents and teachers.

Personal Guidance
The Preceptor is a school member who, as part of her professional duties and per request of the board of directors, assumes the responsibility to advise a family by helping with the education of its daughter. This task is performed in accordance with parents, who are the first educators.

The main objective is to help parents and their daughter to develop a personal improvement project, making sure there is unity of purpose between the family and school. This task requires the preceptor to have certain personal qualities, an appropriate attitude, professional eagerness and interest in improving her own training, together with personal maturity and emotional balance.

The preceptor is a promoter of autonomy, who encourages each family and student to accept the responsibility of their decisions.

Personal guidance is carried out through preceptorship.

Preceptorship is carried out through formal, short and frequent interviews with each one of the students in order to help them maintain the effort that personalized education demands. Preceptorship goes beyond an interview with the student. Daily life holds great value to promote and encourage the student, to solve any incidents, to congratulate the student who achieved the goal set, etc.

These interviews with students begin when they are 6 years old. The relationship between the preceptor and the parents of the students has special relevance during these years, in which the consistency of ideals that enable the unity of educational action between the school and the family is established. The interviews will address the subjects agreed upon at the time given, in a simple manner, so that the student talks and expresses her fundamental dispositions.

Improvement Plan
Each student is unique and unrepeatable; therefore, she will have different styles and learning rhythms. This reality is addressed by preceptors and teachers through personal treatment in order to help her know herself, to develop her skills and abilities, and to accept with serenity her shortcomings by encouraging her to overcome them. This reinforces the idea that the result of study and work depends on the effort made.

The Personal Improvement Plan includes a diagnosis with relevant information on academic achievement, abilities and interests, in addition to an educational action plan for the school year with performance goals, work habits, etc.

Plan de Mejora

Cada alumna es un ser único e irrepetible, por tanto, con distintos estilos y ritmos de aprendizaje. Esta realidad es atendida por las preceptoras y profesoras mediante el trato personal, para ayudarle a conocerse a sí misma, desarrollar sus aptitudes y destrezas, aceptar serenamente sus deficiencias estimulándole a superarlas reforzando la idea que el resultado del estudio y del trabajo depende del propio esfuerzo.

El Plan Personal de Mejora incluye un diagnóstico con datos de interés sobre el rendimiento académico, capacidades e intereses, así como un plan de acción educativa para el año escolar con metas de rendimientos, hábitos de trabajo, etc.