Elementary School en

Elementary School en

From First to Fourth Grade.

Most of the sensitive periods for the best learning of intellectual skills take place on this stage, in addition to the education of will.

In Salcantay, we start from a comprehensive vision of the person, endowed with intelligence to find the truth, and of will to want what is good.


  • To provide students with dynamic and well organized stimulation so that they can achieve optimal levels of maturity, development and learning. Additionally, to lay solid foundations for a successful school life.
  • To develop communication and critical processing abilities; the ability to identify, plan and solve problems; the appropriate use of abstract and scientific reasoning; the capacity to strengthen their will and the education of their emotions through the practice of human virtues and promoting a personal relationship with God.

Development of Thinking Skills
The acquisition of knowledge is important, but the main goal in the programming of courses is that students “learn how to learn.”

Salcantay Reads  
“Reading Plan” program, which provides students the possibility to build the habit of reading with carefully chosen texts, both for their literary and educational value.

Music Auditions
They develop auditory discrimination and aesthetic sensibility. They promote language learning as they broaden their range of sounds.

Self-directed Learning
It allows students to plan and assess their own learning. By gaining autonomy, they will be able to solve the problems that arise each day with greater responsibility.

In Salcantay, we start from a comprehensive vision of the person.