High School en

This stage includes Ninth to Eleventh Grade.

In High School, the aim of education is to complete the intellectual and moral education for the full development and socialization of students, and to consolidate the skills built providing the tools necessary for them to design a life project that encompasses all the aspects of a person: Professional, family and spiritual, having the strength to carry it out.

Ninth Grade offers a preparation that helps students to face the challenges of the Diploma Programme of the International Baccalaureate in Tenth and Eleventh Grade. Starting in 2016, our school will feature the Diploma Programme. The Diploma Programme, a prestigious pre-university program offered through The International Baccalaureate characterized by its academic rigor, is aimed to developing the skills that will help our students succeed in their university carreers and future lives.

In Salcantay, we create the conditions that allow a personalized teaching, addressing the different interest, motivations and capacities of our students.

We create the conditions that allow a personalized teaching.