Middle School en

Middle School en

From Fifth to Eight Grade.

This is an important transition stage where students consolidate study habits, essential virtues for their personal development such as industriousness, autonomy and fortitude, as well as the mastery of complex intellectual and thinking skills. Physical and emotional changes are added to these acquisitions and learning as part of the development and construction of their identity. This is, definitely, a crucial stage in the consolidation of their character and personality; in the education of their emotions and will.

All of this requires a personalized attention from their teachers and preceptors by responding to their uniqueness, but also to the unity of the person. In other words, taking care of all their dimensions so that they can design a comprehensive life project characterized by a good display of cognitive skills, a healthy management of their corporeality, the harmonious development of their emotions and the gradual exercise of a strong will, always guided by a close relationship with God.

Middle School has the important task of laying the academic-intellectual and personal grounds to ensure that students can successfully and confidently assume the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme, which has excellent benefits for their university and future training.

This is an important transition stage where students consolidate study habits and essential virtues.