Means of Formation

Means of Formation

The quality of life begins in the family, as it is the best school to learn from. We know that parents are the first educators, and Salcantay’s mission is to cooperate with each family in this task. Therefore, we offer a structured program of family and educational counseling that includes courses, talks, lifelong learning classes, book discussion forums and practical classes.

  • Courses:

• The ABCs of Effective Education: It consists of three sessions that provide the basic scopes of the educational style in Salcantay, which is focused on Personalized Education.
• RAÍCES – First Decisions (I Semester): Addressed to parents.
• RAÍCES – Matrimonial Love (II Semester): Addressed to marriages.

  • Talks

Salcantay schedules different talks throughout the year. These are held according to the specific needs of each grade. They can also be addressed to all school parents for common topics such as Social Media, Easter, Advent, etc.

  • Lifelong Learning Classes

These talks are addressed to parents from the three academic levels: First Level (1st to 4th Grade), Second Level (5th to 8th Grade) and Third Level (9th to 11th Grade). The topics discussed are based on current problems that are specific to the ages of these levels.

Lifelong Learning Classes are held twice a year during the second and fourth bimester.

  • Book Discussion Forums

They are also divided in academic levels. Each level is suggested the reading of a book to be discussed in two sessions, where a moderator leads the group. Main ideas are drawn, the author’s experiences are shared and compared to the experiences lived. The objective is to enrich the knowledge and experience of the participants in the forum.

  • Film Forum

This is given in two sessions: Primary and secondary. During the session, the main scenes of the film chosen are analyzed, and the main ideas on the subject to be worked on are discussed. A moderator is responsible to guide the public to focus on the topics of analysis of the film. All films worked with deal with family or marital education.