Personalized Education

Personalized Education

For us, personalized education lies in the intentional improvement of the human being through a cordial coexistence and the realization of the work well done. All of this, through personal guidance, enables the acquisition of human virtues.

The essential features included in the concept of “person”, from which arise the guidelines to provide a personalized education, are the following

  • Uniqueness: Each student is unique, unrepeatable, original and creative.
  • Autonomy: Students are capable of giving free and responsible answers.
  • Openness, communication and transcendence: Students become open to others.

Personal Guidance is provided through preceptorship. Preceptorship is carried out by formal and frequent interviews between the preceptor and the student in order to help her maintain the effort that the academic environment demands. Interviews will address the subjects agreed upon at each moment, including studies, family, self-control and temperance, loyalty and fidelity, professional eagerness, cultural education and free time.

The acquisition of scientific, cultural and technological knowledge, based on a solid human education, will allow them to actively get involved in society, with professionalism, competitiveness, English proficiency, openness to other cultures and teamwork skills.

Salcantay offers a personalized educational project.