MMUN 2018

Unforgettable is really the only word with which I could describe the experience I had in New York, spending four days exploring a city full of interesting places like the Natural History Museum, the Empire States building, and Broadway, was amazing. But, going to all those places was nothing more than a little relaxation before the real reason why we were in New York began.  

We were there to be part of the new edition of the Montessori MUN where we, the youth, look for necessary solutions to solve real-world problems by negotiating, debating and reaching agreements with people from all around the world who often had different points of view. MUN not only helps young people understand worldwide issues but it makes us work hard in several sessions to try and find a solution in which not only our country agrees but all the other ones too. Keeping in mind the hundreds of different policies is difficult while doing a resolution, but not impossible.

That leads us to the last day of the committee that took place in the real United Nations; there, three designated delegates read the resolution our committee came up with after two long days of discussion and the feeling of having achieved something so important made me and my whole committee very proud.

In conclusion, that trip was truly life changing. I made friends from different parts of the world, improved my oral skills in English, learned to listen to other opinions and respect them, but most importantly I felt like I could really make a change in this world  by making my ideas be heard in order to become a better leader.

Ana Sofía Galvez
10th grade


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