Our bilingual teachers keep on training!

Our bilingual teachers keep on training!

This February I traveled to Vancouver Canada to improve my English skills, I was studying at the CSLI institute and I had the opportunity to meet people of different nationalities, I had to speak English all the time. It was one of the best experiences in my life. I visited different places, I went to The Rocky Mountains to take part in many winter sports and see different landscapes.

During the classes we played different games in groups and we had to communicate with other people, there were different topics and I could learn and talk about things such as:  culture, arts, places in the world, sports, music, movies, etc. During the break time the school had competitions like dancing, guessing games, find someone who.., ping pong cup, and more! On Fridays, students and teachers visited whistler, the science world, the aquarium and The Vancouver Museum. In Vancouver you not only learn indoors but also outdoors.

On my last day there was a special graduation party like the Oscars with different nominees and nominations, each teacher talks about you, they call you and give you a certificate. That moment is special because you say goodbye and you realize how much you learned and improved your skills. I really enjoyed this trip and will never forget such this exciting experience.

Viviana Gamarra
Music Teacher


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