Salcantay is a Champion

Salcantay is a Champion

The U-17 volleyball team rose as champion in ADECOPA after defeating 2 to 1 Villa Caritas School in the final match on April 25. We are proud to share this news with the entire Salcantay community. After 3 years of continuous training, the girls brought us this victory, which – we are sure – will be the first one of many more.

The team showed confidence and assurance during the championship in each one of the matches played. We won 2 to 0 against Lord Byron School; we won 2 to 0 against Magister School; we lost 2 to 1 against San José de Monterrico, and we won again 2 to 0 against Santa Margarita. We passed to the finals against Villa Caritas for the first and second place, defeating them in a 2 to 1 match.

We want to highlight that our team feels very passionate about volleyball. In addition, team members have learned to coexist, to love and support each other in all training sessions and in each match played. The support given by parents has been unconditional, always close to their daughters encouraging them in every game by singing “Sal… Sal… Salcantay,” to the beat of Cajon.

Since last year, Mirian Patiño serves as coach of the U-15 and U-17 teams. Mirian has been a member of the Peruvian Volleyball Team and has been the best Libero of the national volleyball league for Club de Regatas. She works together with coach Gina Rojas as advisor.

We are convinced that we must keep training with willingness and love for what we do. In this way, we will face new challenges and will get new victories.  

Giulia, Micaela, Ana Sofía, María Paz, Denisse, Angie, Mariela, Chiara, Alejandra, Amira, Fabiola, Ana Paula, Abril and María Alejandra.


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