The Importance of Brigades in Salcantay

The Importance of Brigades in Salcantay

On Monday, April 17 the students who make up the Risk Management Brigade and the Environmental Management Brigade were appointed. They will perform a valuable and important duty throughout the year.

Salcantay has a long tradition in the formation of Environmental Brigades. Each year, two students from each grade are chosen. As a result, we have 48 students performing the following functions:
• Supporting all actions related to the care of the environment at school, their entourage and community.
• Identifying the problems that exist in the environment and proposing a solution.
• Being eco-efficient. This means saving electric energy, saving nonrenewable resources, practicing the three “R’s”: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and seeking for solutions to the problems identified within the educative community.

On the other hand, the members of the Risk Management Brigade are responsible for the following:
• Guiding and assisting their classmates in the implementation of the evacuation and classroom protection plan.
• Motivating an active and responsible participation at drills.
• Helping to maintain calm in emergency situations.
• Contributing to the detection of risk situations at school.
• Performing preventive tasks in the classrooms.

Students and teachers have to know who the Risk Management brigade members are, given that they are key people in the event of a contingency. For this reason, brigade members wear a pin that identifies them as such.

We encourage our brigade members to fulfill each one of their duties. We are sure that they will meet the proposed goals.


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