We Trust in You

We Trust in You

During the Color Guard Shift Ceremony, Marisa Aguirre, Principal of Salcantay, expressed her trust in the students of Class XXIII for their future performance in society as good people and citizens. “We trust in you. Each one of us, who has contributed in your education, has done it with affection and looking forward to this moment. Always rely on what you learned in school, in the convictions you have received here. There you will find the strength for your lives”.

This is the last official activity of the year, in which 11th Grade students say goodbye to school and to their classmates in order to give way to Class XXIV. Andrea Rey, in the farewell speech, left a clear message of friendship to her classmates: “Throughout 2017 you will be the elders of school. Your last school year will fly by; do not let opportunities fly by with it. This is the final stretch for each one of you to decide your future, to learn more about yourselves, to work even harder… But mainly, this year will be full of opportunities to know each other more, to get closer to those with whom you normally don’t, to discover incredible things in those girls with whom you speak little…”

Marisa invited Class XXIV to act as referents for all the students of the school, especially for the youngest ones, who look at them with admiration.

Camila Orbegozo received the national flag and Ma. Paz Muramatsu received the flag of Salcantay. Adriana Obregón, Ariana Betalleluz, Angela Villavicencio and Gabriela Ocsas were the students chosen to bear the banners in 2017. Congratulations!


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