Class XVI – 2009


Class XVI – 2009

Adriana Armas Pereira
Hotel Management

“I studied Hotel Management in Switzerland. The values I learned in Salcantay such as perseverance, service, respect, discipline and joy, helped me a lot to meet many of my goals. They were especially present in my first working experiences in two different hotels. I completed my university studies in 2014, and I feel ready to face the obstacles that may arise.
Salcantay has been and will always be a home to me. I believe that every former student of Salcantay will always give value to the great school in which we have studied.”

Daniella Laghi Rey
Law – UDEP

“Salcantay is my second family. Friends and teachers made my life at school one of the best stages of my life. I am grateful to my parents for choosing Salcantay and for giving me the opportunity to meet all these amazing people. In particular, the education in values that the school taught me keeps helping me in my Law career to determine what is fair in each case, without neglecting the dignity of people.”